Drake's Creed and Code of Ethics

  • Complete confidentiality
  • The highest calibre of screening, assessing, and checking of all Drake candidates
  • An objective and accurate appraisal of the ability, qualifications, and experience of the candidate we recommend
  • An understanding that we will only refer candidates that, in our conscientious opinion, are qualified for the position
  • A readiness to decline referral of candidates placed by Drake within the last 12 months, unless the intention to leave has already been discussed with the employer
  • Should any post-placement problems or misunderstandings develop between employer and employee, a willingness to help negotiate an amicable resolution or counsel the parties concerned
  • On request, a statement of our activity to locate a suitable candidate on our client's behalf
  • A guarantee of satisfied service from Drake to replace within a specified period if the candidate proves unsatisfactory
  • To collaborate with our clients to build and implement a customized solution for their business that will focus on results



  • Confidential treatment of all information
  • No discrimination of any kind under any circumstances
  • An objective and accurate appraisal of the ability, qualifications, and experience of the candidate we recommend
  • No fee of any kind charged for the placement service we provide
  • An objective assessment of candidates in relation to careers being sought
  • Understanding and professional career counselling when requested
  • A comprehensive outline of the responsibilities entailed when accepting a position through Drake



Drake International has grown from a one-room office to having an international presence in Canada, U.S.A., U.K., South Africa, Australia, N.Z., Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, and Poland (for technology development only).

In the early fifties, Drake pioneered the concept that flexible staffing on a planned basis should be used as a management tool to improve efficiency and profits. Today, Drake International continues to be prominent in both flexible and permanent staffing, naturally evolving to developing and offering a full suite of Talent Management Solutions.

Nowadays we have many competitors, but Drake International continues as an innovator in its field. 


What makes Drake different?

Everyone at Drake International is guided by a Code of Ethics, a way of "doing business" which, we feel, earns the respect and confidence of our clients.

  • To always place clients' interest first
  • To maintain confidential treatment of all client information
  • To decline assignments for which our personnel, solutions, equipment, or systems are not appropriate
  • To willingly withdraw from any assignment where the client is not benefiting from our service
  • To provide a logical estimate of costs and completion date of an assignment before starting
  • To undertake every assignment, large or small, with enthusiasm
  • To provide a statement of our understanding of any contemplated project
  • To provide Field staff Employees that will work in a client's office for as long as necessary
  • To ensure satisfactory performance with the backing of a specific guarantee