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Over the years, the manufacturing industry labor market has gotten tighter with a moderate to a severe shortage of skilled workers. Drake is here for you. Along with our extensive social media channels, referral programs and continuous industry networking, you’ll get access to a large pool of vetted manufacturing and skilled workers including but not limited to assemblers, welders, machine operators, order Picker/Packers and production managers.

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How do you find the right production manager that will create and negotiate budgets, cutting cost and ensuring quality in all areas of production? You know the skills and experience you want, but do you have the resources to conduct a thorough search? Do you know how to write an attractive job description? Have you enough time and resources to run interviews and background checks?
Drake International can help you at any level of your recruitment process. On the top of our over 70 years of experience, our team of recruiters is from your industry and know it well.

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There’s a shortage of skilled workers and it’s harder and harder to attract and keep them employed in the manufacturing industry. Moreover, a significant portion of the manufacturing workforce is now nearing retirement age. One of the ways you can overcome that employment challenge is to work with a recruiting partner who can do all the heavy lifting for you.
Drake is the right partner for you: not only will we hire the right workers, we will find the right fit for your company culture and decrease your turnover. Let’s talk.

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