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Drake International London is much more than a recruitment agency. Since 1951, we have been transforming our client’s human capital. Whether we are assisting local businesses with temporary or permanent recruitment, skills or behavioural assessments, we are your one-stop shop.

If you are looking for a job or a career change, we have lots of job opportunities. With a strong focus on warehousing, supply chain, industrial, cleaning and construction roles, our team will help you to find the right fit for your team or your career. Need recruitment help? Looking for your next career? Connect with us today.


254 Pall Mall Street, Unit 101, London Ontario N6A 5P6
Tel: 519 433 3151
Fax: 519 673 3770

Hours of operation

In-person hours:

Tuesday and Wednesday 8:30am–5pm


Virtual and phone hours:

Monday–Friday 8:30am–5pm


Closed Saturday and Sunday

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