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Need to fill your vacant customer service positions?

By working with Drake International, you gain not only access to a large pool of qualified customer service employees but also a large team of recruiting specialists who understand your business and your challenges. With our unique recruitment process, extensive social media channels, referral programs and continuous industry networking, we will fill your vacant customer service positions in no time.

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Looking to slow down turnover in your call center, but don’t know where to go next?

In call centers, employee turnover is high. How can you keep up with interviewing potential employees all day? Plus the cost of training new hires, you need to hire right from the start. On top of our nearly 70 years of experience, our team of recruiters know every recruiting challenges and caveat of recruiting for your industry intensively well. If your recruiting team is overwhelmed, but if you can’t commit to extending it, you should outsource part or all of your recruiting process with us.

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Customer Service

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Customer Service

Facing difficulties attracting and retaining the right employees? We can help.

It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to hire and keep great employees. Competition is fierce. When you have the right employees, they can leave you tomorrow. Your HR team needs to be strong. When you have finally posted the right job online, you are drowning under hundreds of applications. What can you do? You can either increase your internal recruiting team or leverage a recruiting partner like Drake International. We can do both for you. We are the partners you need. Let’s talk.

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