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The true cost of not hiring right, the first time

Getting the right person in the right job quickly has become a decisive element in maintaining a competitive edge today! 

Top-of-class organizations view human resources as a strategic business partner. With globalization, market volatility, and heightened corporate competitiveness, hiring people who are the right fit for the organization and who can drive performance is more critical than ever.

To improve the financial payoff and reduce the risk, HR professionals need to ensure they have the right hiring and retention strategies in place to effectively manage each step of the recruitment process. Effective talent acquisition is a complex process involving a series of well-defined steps all focused on one objective — hiring the right people who will outperform for your organization.

Don’t put your reputation on the line with bad hires. The hiring practices you follow can have a positive or negative impact on your organization’s performance, and your professional reputation. ‘Mis-hires’ are costly and demoralizing to the whole team. You need to develop and embrace strategies and processes that support the hiring of top performers. Attracting and retaining “A” talent is the true mark of not only successful organizations but also successful HR professionals.


How to hire the right talent

Marsha Lindquist

You probably think good talent is hard to find these days. You may even be frustrated with, and tired of, the process you have to go through every time you need to add help...

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Six strategies to hire right the first time

Gregg Gregory, CSP

The skill of a person drives the will of a person. A person who has all of the skills but lacks the will to push and perform at peak levels is just not the right fit...

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10 steps to hire the right person — the first time

Drake Editorial Team

Hiring an employee is like making an important investment decision, with the candidate representing the capital: human capital. Like any investment decision, you want to make the right choice — the first time.

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