We are excited to announce that we are making a significant investment in Avionté to complement our dynamic suite of Talent Management Solutions. 

Avionté is a web-based system that allows us to quickly find you qualified talent, automates time-consuming tasks and eliminates manual, paper-heavy processes – all from a single platform. 


What does this mean for you?

  • A quicker turnaround time on providing you qualified, pre-screened candidates
  • A simple, user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly approve timesheets and payroll online
  • Instant access to invoicing and your online account
  • An online system that can be used anywhere, anytime, from any device (including; desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet)


How to use Drake’s new Avionté system

Check out our short video tutorials to learn how to use our new Avionté system.


How do I approve time for a Drake Contractor?

If you are set up to receive an email for time approval, you can approve or reject (with reasons) the time from inside the email by clicking an “Approve” or “Reject” button.

How do I see past Drake Contractor timesheets or recently approved Drake Contractor timesheets?

The best place for you to see all historical activities with Drake Contractors is inside your private Avionté Portal. If you do not have your login information, please contact your local Drake Representative to gain access to the Avionté portal.

Can I access my Drake invoices online?

Yes, you can see all current and past Drake invoices inside your private Avionté Portal. If you do not have your login information please contact your local Drake Representative to gain access to the Avionté portal.

We have multiple supervisors on different shifts and departments – how do we know who should be approving the hours worked?

The person(s) approving hours is a decision that is unique to every company. The company representatives that are chosen to approve hours for payroll should have enough knowledge of the workers and the job being done, to properly approve the hours submitted.

Once an approval is made, the hours flow directly to the Drake payroll department for processing and the workers will receive their pay for those hours. The company representative approving these hours should have the authority to do so.

What if we approve hours and then realize we made a mistake?

If a mistake was recognized after approving the hours for a worker, then you should immediately contact your Drake Representative.

Will we be able to approve all workers at once, as we have many people on-site and don’t have time for a lengthy process?

Drake will offer you several ways of approving time when working with Avionté. You can approve with a click inside an email, or you can go into the Drake Avionté portal and approve time for all workers that have submitted time.

What if the hours submitted by the employee are incorrect? What happens if I am not available to approve hours?

If the hours submitted by a worker are incorrect, you can reject the hours and give an explanation as to why you are rejecting the hours. Please ensure that you give a detailed reason for rejecting the hours so that the worker can properly adjust or correct the hours.

We do suggest that all companies have at least 2 individuals that are capable of approving hours so that all workers are paid on time. If your organization only has one timesheet approver in the Drake system and you will be unavailable to approve, it would be suggested that you contact your Drake Representative to make alternate arrangements.

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