5 Ways Contract And Flexible Staffing Can Help Drive Your Business Forward

Drake Editorial Team

A new landscape in the post-pandemic world will demand a strategic focus on workforce management.

As organizations try to quickly execute key objectives such as business recovery, opening new markets, and developing other lines of business, their talent pool will be critical. In the past, best-in-class companies thrived from building a deep bench of permanent talent. Today’s reality has forced a change. Now, most organizations will have fewer employees and more challenges.

Your key to business recovery
Going forward, the key to your business recovery and success will be to incorporate a broader strategic workforce plan. This means integrating a dynamic mix of full-time, and flexible, project-based contract workers. The objective is to utilize broad skill sets and expertise when you need it to keep productivity and creativity up, while keeping overhead costs down.

Here are five ways project-based contract workers can help in your business recovery:

1. They save you valuable time
Workers with specialized skills can jump in immediately and hit the ground running. No time-consuming interviewing or onboarding is required. When they are brought on board through a staffing agency, contract workers will already have been screened and interviewed to ensure you immediately have the right skills in place to do the job.

2. You save money paying only for the work you need done
Not every role requires a permanent employee. Having someone on board to do the work for the time required gives you extra people capacity without increasing headcount.

3. They provide specialized skills
The permanent employees you have on board may not have the right skillsets for a particular project or an unexpected need. Bringing in someone with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise for a particular length of time is invaluable and cost-effective. It also takes the pressure off permanent staff enabling them to focus on their own deliverables and deadlines.

4. You benefit from the speed of hire
With the help of a staffing agency, you can quickly bring contract workers on board with the expertise or skill set you need. The steps to hire a permanent employee can be a time-consuming and a drawn-out process. Bringing a contract worker on board for a temporary assignment is a fast and flexible solution and no training time is required.

5. You have more organizational flexibility
At any time, you can staff up or down with flexible, project-based contract workers depending on your needs, market demands, and the wider economy. This gives you greater flexibility to control costs while facing multiple business challenges.

The agility traits needed to move ahead
Preparedness and resilience are two key agility traits organizations need to aggressively move forward. Being able to adapt and respond quickly is crucial to execute continuous business operations at the highest level. Another pillar of importance in moving forward is to incorporate a culture that values project-based engagement. High performing permanent employees will always be a vital part of a company’s productivity team. Flexible, project-based workers also play an important role by helping to control overhead costs, stepping in when there is a shortage of permanent staff or gaps in specialized skills and expertise, and supporting the overall business plan.

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