Workplace COVID-19 Screening & Reporting Tool

Drake Editorial Team


On September 25th, the Ontario government deemed it mandatory for employers to prescreen a worker who will be entering the workplace at the beginning of their day or shift, or when an essential visitor arrives. This has to be done on a daily basis.

Drake has built an easy online solution that you can implement in under thirty minutes and will ensure you can easily maintain compliance. We are offering this service completely free of charge to our valued clients to help you record and track your employee’s and essential visitor’s screening to adhere with the Ontario government policy.


Drake will provide you with:

  • Your own company’s personalized online screening form that adheres to the Ontario government screening questionnaire – you will be provided with an online link that your employees will access daily to fill out their screening form
    • Drake can easily add additional questions to suit your individual workplace if needed
  • An online link to view and save your company’s results on an ongoing basis
  • A QR code that can be printed and hung in the workplace that workers can scan with their smartphone at the beginning of the shift to fill in the form if they prefer


The best part is, you do not need any sort of account to be able to use this service!

Interested? Call us today to discuss your personal needs


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