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HR Legal Advice

The high cost of legal advice and the lack of access to it can create significant problems in a short amount of time. Unfair dismissal or poorly managed workers can cost you thousands in compensation claims, taking away valuable resources from your core business and damaging your employment brand. Implementing the right cost-effective solutions will provide you with quick access to professional advice when you need it most.


  • Learning Management Systems: Administer, track, document, and report on training through interactive online courses, classroom and in-person events, on-the-job training, moderated forums, Webinars, and training documents to ensure your employees are knowledgeable and compliant
  • HR Help Line: Get advice from an HR expert by telephone or e-mail to resolve your legal concerns without breaking the bank
  • HR on Demand: Gain access to a suite of flexible HR Solutions, each tailored to meet your  specific business needs and budget
  • Workplace Health & Safety: Maintain the best safety records to achieve the high productivity, positive morale, and greater profit margins by improving your workplace healthy and safety practices and procedures
  • Intelligent Help: Our web portal provides you with direct access to expert Talent Management Solutions 24/7. Our members benefit from reduced rates, quick turnaround times, and comprehensive advice – all with a click of a mouse