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Poor Employee Relations

Poor employee relations hinder the overall workflow of your organization and can damage your organization’s reputation. Whether it’s a disconnect between management and employees, poor working conditions, low morale, or lack of access to legal advice, poor employee relations will affect your organization’s productivity and performance. Implementing the right Solutions can have a positive impact on your bottom-line.


  • Productivity Improvement+: Take 15 minutes to complete manager-to-staff and team communication reports generated by our proprietary behavioural and personality profiling assessment solution, P3
  • Exit Interviews: Find out why your employees are leaving and obtain key data on performance-related cultural issues you won't get any other way
  • Engagement Surveys: Improve employee loyalty, satisfaction, and engagement by uncovering what your employees are saying about their work and your company
  • Leadership Development: Investing in personalized coaching, team coaching, and team building workshops based on the results of our P3 assessments will help your leaders better manage their employees
  • Workplace Health & Safety: Maintain the best safety records to achieve the high productivity, positive morale, and greater profit margins
  • Outplacement: Effectively manage staffing concerns during difficult times while maintaining productivity, improving morale and minimizing the chance of litigation