Working with Avionté

We are excited to announce that we are making a significant investment in Avionté, an online platform, that will improve the way we communicate and meet the needs of people just like you.

Avionté is a web-based system that allows us to quickly match you to the right job, automates time-consuming tasks, and eliminates manual, paper-heavy processes – all from a single platform.


What does this mean for you?

  • A simple, user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly submit your timesheets online for faster approval
  • The ability to be notified by SMS text* and Email of new job opportunities right away
  • An online system that can be used anywhere, anytime, from any device (including; desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet)
  • Instant, online access to your T4, Pay Slips & Employment Information


How to use Drake’s new Avionté system

Check out our short video tutorials to learn how to use our new Avionté system.

List of short video tutorials


How do I log into the Avionté portal and set my password for the first time?

The link to change your password can be found in the Welcome email sent to you from your Drake Consultant. Follow the link ad and create a password that is easy for you to remember but difficult for others to figure out.

Video - 3 mins to complete 


How do I submit my hours worked?

You submit your hours daily/weekly inside your private Drake Avionté portal. If you do not have your login information please contact your local Drake representative to gain access to the Avionté portal.

Video - 3.5 mins to complete 



Where can I access past timesheets and pay advices?

You can access any past timesheets submitted and the associated pay advices in your private Drake Avionté portal. If you do not have your login information please contact your local Drake Representative to gain access to the Avionté portal.

How can I update my address if I move?

You can update most all personal information inside your private Drake Avionté portal. You can update address, phone, work history, etc. If you do not have your login information please contact your local Drake Representative to gain access to the Avionté portal.

How do I update Drake that my email address has changed?

You cannot update your email in the Avionté portal, you must contact your Drake representative directly to update your email address.

How do I update my direct deposit and banking information?

You cannot update your direct deposit or banking information in the Drake Avionté portal. For banking information changes, please contact your local Drake representative.

Will I be able to access my annual T4 in the Drake Avionté system?

You will NOT be able to access your 2020 tax year T4 in the Drake Avionté portal. Please contact your Drake representative for information on how you will receive your 2020 tax year T4. Starting in the tax year of 2021, you will access your T4 inside your private Drake Avionté portal.

What if my hours are not approved by the employer on time to receive my pay? What happens if my hours are rejected by the employer?

Drake has built in failsafe methods to ensure that no pay cheque is missed, if you submit your hours on time and accurately. On a weekly basis, Drake runs reports to verify that all worked time is submitted and approved, on time, to meet internal payroll deadlines.

If your hours recorded are rejected by your employer or Drake Representative, they will record a note as to why and you will receive this via email.  If you receive a rejection email, you must immediately go back to the Avionté portal and adjust your hours and resubmit these hours for approval again. It is your personal responsibility to ensure that your hours are accurately submitted and submitted within the deadlines that your Drake branch has given you. If you make a mistake and the hours are rejected, or you submit your hours late, there is a possibility that your payroll cannot be completed on time.

How will I know when to enter my hours online?

Drake best practice is that you submit your hours in the Drake Avionté portal daily and save the timesheet. Once you have worked your last day in that week, you should add those hours and then submit that timesheet for approval. Please ensure that you are submitting on time or you may experience a delay in your payroll.

What if I enter the hours and then realize I made a mistake?

If you recognize that you have made a mistake on your hours, and you have not “submitted” your hours yet for approval, you can still adjust your hours.

If you have submitted your hours for approval and then you have recognized you have made a mistake, but your hours have not yet been approved, you can still go into Avionté and adjust and resubmit these hours.

If you have received an approval for your hours that were incorrect, you should immediately contact your Drake Representative.

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