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Workplace Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Have you had time to put in place a complete workplace health and safety program? Are you compliant with Governmental Health & Safety regulations? Are you aware of your corporate and personal risks?

Organizations that maintain the best safety records achieve the highest productivity, maintain the most positive morale, and ultimately deliver the greatest profit margins. Drake can assist you to create a great safety record.

Our Health and Safety specialists are available across several cities in Canada including but not limited to: Halifax, Moncton, Toronto, Calgary, Winnipeg and Vancouver. Contact Drake International today to learn more at 1 800 GO DRAKE.

Drake's Health and Safety experts offer a:

  • OH&S program review to identify best practices
  • OH&S gap analysis to find weak areas
  • Physical hazard analysis to ensure Provincial and Federal regulatory
  • Risk assessment for your particular business
  • Hazards assessment to minimize single or multiple-exposure hazards for your
    company and employees
  • Custom-designed Health & Safety training programs and claims management

What is the End Result?

  • Expert direction on how to improve
  • Up-to-date advice on regulations
  • Specific recommendations on policies and practices
  • Efficient and effective systems and personnel, thus reducing claims costs
    and increasing profits.

How is it Done?

Drake's experts visit your workplace to identify gaps in your current system and bring your health and safety program up to the highest standards. The next step is to train employees and communicate the program to internal and external stakeholders. Finally, Drake can help you implement any changes to your health and safety practices.

What is the Payoff?

A good program takes care of your people while reducing your costs. Drake knows how to craft a health and safety program that suits your business.

The most important payoff is protecting your employees' health and safety. This leads to higher productivity, and improved morale. A good program also reduces regulatory inspections and the lost production time that comes from government inspections and enforcement actions. There is a payoff in reduced risk and minimized claim costs. The payoff from improved health and safety goes straight to the bottom line.

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